Seedmanship at work


Germplasm and traits

Field check up series


Seedmanship at work

Channel is not just another seed brand

BP Seed is more than just a place to purchase your seed

It is your farm...  let us help.

If you want a quote from a BP Seed salesman, contact us.

We know that at the end of the day, after all the information has been gathered and the the best products delivered, our job is to partner with you to develop a management plan.

We work hard to become a trusted advisor who understands you and your farm. the Channel field check up series allows your channel seedsman to work with you throughout the year.

We source the highest performing genetics, then test them locally to make the best recommendations for your fields.We combine these leading edge genetics with the best Monsanto traits and technologies.

What sets us apart is seedmanship. It's our ability to provide expert advice and customized service to help you get the most out of your acres.

At BP Seed we pride ourselves in not just being a seeds salesman.

Our promise to our customers at BP Seed is that we will not just sell you your seed and wait until the next year to get another sale.

  • We will work with you to insure that we are putting the right product in your field
  • We will deliver your seed to you when you are ready for it
  • We will do a minimum of three field checks a year to help provide the best results
  • We will provide soil samples when needed
  • We will provide a weigh wagon upon request
  • We keep a data base to help increase yields for years to come